General Liability Insurance

Protecting a Agoura, CA business is important, and business owners need to make sure that they safeguard against everything the world can throw at their business. One thing that is easy to overlook until it is too late is good general liability insurance.

A single lawsuit can destroy a business, forcing it to drain its assets in order to pay for damages. General liability insurance is there to protect against this. General liability insurance is the most basic form of commercial coverage you can have, and in almost every situation it’s mandatory that a Agoura, CA business carry it.

However, it’s important that you do what you can to make certain that you have the best possible coverage for your business by checking to ensure your policy is all that it should be, at the best possible price.

What Will General Liability Insurance Cover?

General liability insurance is a policy that is there to help protect against lawsuits and other litigation. This is an issue if your business or employees are suddenly targeted for personal injury lawsuits, both fraudulent and appropriate.

A good general liability insurance policy will include coverage that pays for the expense of legal defense, litigation, judgements awarded by the courts, out of court settlement damages, and more. It will also apply to bodily injury others sustain as well as to property damage that is caused by you, your business, or an employee. Your policy should protect against every type of threat including:

  • Lawsuits
  • Settlements
  • Investigations
  • Legal defense fees
  • Injury damages
  • Advertising claims
  • Copyright claims
  • And more

You’ll want to pair your general liability insurance with a Business Personal Property or Business Owners policy in order to maximize your protection and ensure that you don’t face any risk of your business falling apart over a liability issue.

What Is Involved In Getting A General Liability Insurance Policy?

To get your general liability insurance policy, you’ll have to make sure that you answer several questions for eligibility and accurate underwriting. You may need a certificate of insurance that shows that you have an active insurance policy in place – something that is a requirement to do business in most locations.

You’ll also be asked several questions about your business, including things like location, property related questions, safety related questions, and so on. Answering these honestly is important so you can get the most accurate quote. If you’re unsure of where to begin, our team can help.

Getting Your Quote

Getting the right general liability insurance policy for your Agoura, CA business isn’t always easy. At Panorama Insurance Agency, we work with multiple providers to compare policies and find the one that gives you the best level of protection at the lowest possible price. We make it easier to get peace of mind and protection for your business. Contact Panorama Insurance Agency today to get your quote and learn more.

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